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First comes love, then comes a baby?! It's not normally how things happen, but it did for us. 

Max and Mummy is a parenting blog based in Bournemouth. What started as an outlet for post-natal depression has turned into a collection of memories for our young family. Me and Scott met in our first year of university and within a year we had a home, baby, jobs and degrees. Whilst it may not have been the most conventional way, we wanted to prove to ourselves and society that young parents aren't a stereotype.

Since starting blogging we have raised awareness and challenged how society perceives young parents. We've spoken on TV, in newspapers, and even challenged MP's in parliament about everything from benefits to maternity discrimination. We've teamed up with the Young Women's Trust and the Equality and Human Rights Commission on various campaigns aimed at young people and parents.

I have also been awarded the Volunteer of the Year award for my services to the Young Women's Trust at the Third Sector awards. It's an honour to have received the award and I can't wait to continue my volunteering journey.

We want to prove that having a child young isn't the end of your life, that being told to quit your job because you are pregnant isn't the end of your career, and no matter the circumstance you can achieve your dream. 

I am Laura and I am 29, an ex-bookseller, ex-social media manager and now work in a school. I spend my spare time listening to songs from musicals, spending too much money on home furnishings and talking about women's rights. Scott is my wonderful other half that put's up with the musicals, the Disney obsession and the copious trips to IKEA! He's a surveyor that's also an aspiring scriptwriter!

I volunteer for both Young Women's Trust and Pregnant Then Screwed and love nothing more than shouting at politicians about discrimination (who doesn't love that!). I love reading, planning my wedding and going on day trips with Max. I've had this corner of the internet since Max was born and whilst it may have gone through changes as he's got older, it's a place that we both can share the things that we love.

Max is now 8 and is obsessed with all things musical theatre. Spending his whole Saturday at stage school, singing along to Hamilton and practicing his drum solos. He's energetic, enthusiastic and full of character. He hates going to sleep and would much rather have his head in a book. We love to go on adventures and discover new things to do and he loves to sit and watch football with his dad on a Sunday.

We are a PR friendly blog and have worked with many brands on different levels from competitions to reviews and sponsored posts. We love building up long term relationships with brands and pride ourselves on fantastic photography and copy that will whisk readers away.

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  1. Hi! I really think you will love this website as it has a fabulous kids range!