Creating A Functional Office Space

Whilst I love the place that we live in, it's clear to see that we are getting too big for it. Whilst we all spend most of our time out of the flat during the day, when the evening comes we are all falling over each other to try and find space to work. Now that I am no longer working from home most of the time, it may be time for me to resign the fact that I don't need to take up half of the lounge as an office. So I've been putting together a bit of a wish list of things for a mini office revamp if you could call it that!

I still use my office space for blogging and the many charity things that I get up to. Lots of the time is spent emailing clients, editing photos and sorting out different volunteering things. I find that my desk space is completely cluttered because there is so much space for me to spread out. As a result it always looks messy and I hate the way that I have no real organisation in there. I'm a bit of a fan of the Scandi/industrial style at the moment and love natural wood, light colours and bold metal finishes. It also means that the area is exposed which normally encourages me to de-clutter and make things a bit tidier. 

I absolutely love the idea of a ladder desk in my office area and have done for years. Whilst Scott might think that it’s impractical, I love they way they look and have fallen in love with this one that I found on LionsHome. Having a desktop computer means that I need a desk that is open all the time and this one looks perfect to keep the bare essentials on. Currently my desk is as big as a dining table and this one looks perfect to tuck away in the corner, but still provide me with ample storage at the same time. 

I love this white chair that would not only contrast the heavy metal of the desk, but also really complement it too. There’s nothing better than investing in a comfy office chair and this one truly looks like it would fit in with my interior ideas. Teeming it with the blue and grey storage boxes is a perfect way of hiding those pesky papers without having to get a filing cabinet. Currently we have an ottoman box under the desk that is falling to pieces, but these sturdy metal storage boxes would not only look stylish, but also be incredibly practical too. 

My most favourite part of decorating is the small touches and this lamp and wire mesh board are perfect finishing touches on this office corner. Not only can the wire rack hold my in-tray (I don’t tend to buy magazines anymore!), but it can also come a peg board for those important mum moments like sports days and dress up days so I will never forget again! I’m also a huge fan of angle poise lamps and whilst we already have a huge one in the lounge, this little one is the perfect touch for keeping my desk in the spotlight. 

I honestly can’t wait until I have the time to de-clutter my space and introduce some of these new and fantastic products into my home. But until then a girl can wish!

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