World Calligraphy Day 2018

I would like to think that I'm a crafty person. I have lots of half started projects that I have all the will and enthusiasm to finish, but with not much time and lots to do, it tends to get a bit lost amongst everything else. One thing I have managed to keep up is my love of writing. I have a bullet journal that I use to record my reading. I've been experimenting over the past 2 years with different types of writing, lettering and I've fallen in love with calligraphy and brush lettering. 

This year is the second World Calligraphy Day and to celebrate, the lovely folk over at Manuscript set me a special challenge to give someone a smile.

world Calligraphy Day

Armed with some of their fantastic products, I was challenged to create something lovely to send the children that stay at the Birmingham Children's Hospital, in the hope to brighten their day a little. For me this was a challenge that I couldn't say yes to fast enough, for bringing a smile to a child is honestly magical and I had a few ideas up my sleeve as soon as I sent my email saying yes!

The products I was sent were:

  • 10 pack compact Callicreative Duotips - These are a selection of gorgeous double ended calligraphy pens, they work in a similar way to brush pens but have a lot more structure which is what I prefer as someone that is still learning my skills! With a chisel point at the end and in 20 different vibrant and pastel colours, I knew that I needed to use them in my project.
  • Master Italic Fountain Pen - This is something that I haven't used since school and I was excited to get stuck in. I love the way that fountain pen typography looks. With an italic point at the end, you can create fantastic stylised writing  with a luxury feeling and looking pen. To be honest, I wasn't sure if I was going to use this for the project, but I knew it would get tonnes of daily use anyway!
I knew that as soon as I was told I needed to write something for a child at the Birmingham Children's Hospital I wanted to create some bright and inspirational. A reminder of how amazing they are, and the first thing that stuck out was the quote from Winnie The Pooh "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think". Personally I thought it was a fantastic reminder for a child that needed a boost to remember how special they really are. 

I spent a while planning out the layout and came across something that worked well and let me play with a few different types of lettering (I felt brave!). After sketching it out in pencil I got to work in the pens. Picking some bright colours for the big words, I drew them first by exaggerating the downstroke and easing pressure on the upstrokes. I then spent time printing the rest of the message in between the lines. 

For my first attempt at something that was out of my comfort zone I think I did a pretty good job, and I'm definitely proud of the results and hope that whoever comes across my note has a smile on their face!

World Calligraphy Day celebrates writing and typography of all kinds and I can't wait to refine and practice my calligraphy skills more with the tools that I was supplied with! 

world Calligraphy Day

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