Friday, 24 August 2018

Lego Ocean Explorers at Sea Life Weymouth

This summer holidays for us have been jam packed and full of fun adventures with friends and a day out at Sea Life Weymouth was another to add to the list. Me and AK from The German Wife decided to take our kids on a fun filled adventure to explore the deep sea at Sea Life Weymouth. 

Lego Ocean Explorers at Sealife Weymouth

This summer, Sea Life Weymouth have teamed up with Lego to create their Lego Ocean Explorers activity. A challenge for children to help become junior divers by helping the Lego explorer find his missing equipment.

Hidden amongst five of the tanks were different pieces of Lego equipment from flippers to radio's. It was a fantastic way to take in the Sea Life centre and spend time looking at each tank to try and find something new!

I honestly don't know who enjoyed it more, us adults or the kids, but we had just as much fun trying to find the pieces hidden in the tanks. It was also great to check out all the creatures again and we finally got to see Garmadon the octopus (after him hiding each time we have been).

Lego Ocean Explorers at Sealife Weymouth

Lego Ocean Explorers at Sealife Weymouth

As with most events at the Sea Life Weymouth, there is a fantastic activity centre set up near the splash zone and the ray lagoon. Not only can you swap your completed Ocean Explorers form for your own diver mini figure, but you can also play with Lego to your hearts content. 

With lots of building suggestions for your own Lego ocean creatures and building plates to make your own creations. It's a fantastic way to get creative and take a moment to chill out between the exhibits. The kids really enjoyed taking a moment to let their creative juices flow and build some creatures that they had seen around the park. 

There was also a fantastic opportunity to put your own stamp on a giant Lego mosaic that was being created. We were each given small white backing tiles and a blown up version of our template to let us create our part of the mural. After finishing it, we could pop it in the right space. With only 100 tiles left, we were glad we caught it in time to not only see it part way through, but also to add out bit. 

Lego Ocean Explorers at Sealife Weymouth

We had an absolutely fantastic day out. Not only catching up with friends, but also having tonnes of Lego Ocean Explorers fun! We love that there is always something different to do at Sea Life Weymouth and we can't wait to head back and explore some more.

Lego Ocean Explorers at Sealife Weymouth

* Note: We are Sea Life ambassadors and have received a membership in return for regular reviews and updates. All opinions are our own.


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