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Camp Bestival 2018: Saturday Review

Day 2 at Camp Bestival was an exciting day. With a stellar line up, lots of sunshine forecast and friends with us, we couldn't wait to get stuck in. As I mentioned in my previous post, this year we brought along our friends that were festival newbies and both of them were excited to discover some new places. We had a list of things that we wanted to see and do so we couldn't wait to get into the arena!

Unfortunately this turned out to be our last day at Camp Bestival as the rest of the event was called off due to adverse weather. Luckily we had made the most of the previous two days and here's what we got up to on day 2.

Camp Bestival 2018

Camp Bestival 2018

After a few hiccups with parking (we were parking in the disabled area, which no one actually knew where it was and no one knew who to ask) we finally got into the arena an hour after we planned. But luckily we still had enough time to race to the main stage and catch Dinosaur World. Luckily we managed to grab a seat at the front and listen to the Rajasthan Heritage Brass Band who put on an amazing show of traditional and popular songs. We all had a boogie and were soon in the mood to get involved!

Max is obsessed with anything dinosaur related, like me. So we knew that we would all be in our element with this show. I loved how the dinosaurs really felt like they were real and how enigmatic everyone was on stage. It was a fantastic show to educate and spark imagination. Though it did leave us wondering how someone found out they were able to replicate dinosaur noises.

Camp Bestival 2018

Camp Bestival 2018

One part that I was desperate to show our friends was the Dingly Dell. It's a place that we lose ourselves in each year and this year was no different. With a fantastic interactive trail made by Lizzie's Way, and lots of instruments to play with, it always feels like another world. The kids spent ages digging for pirate treasure, playing in the play area and pretending to perform in a band. It's honestly one of my favourite areas and it's the perfect place to chill out for an hour or so.

I also love that they have moved the slow motion tent into the Dingly Dell. It felt like the perfect place to put a relaxing area, and if we are going to camp next year (I say this every year!) then I think a spot of yoga surrounded by nature is a pretty perfect way to start the day.

Camp Bestival 2018

Camp Bestival 2018

Next up we decided to head to the Big Top to try our hands at dancing. Rubi is currently in dance school, so she was in her element. And whilst Max loves to dance, he finds it a bit trickier to pick things up. Each year Matthew Bourne sends his new adventures team to Camp Bestival to teach adults and children some ballet. This time around it was Swan Lake and the kids were in their element as they spun and swooped around the grass pretending to be on stage. We absolutely loved watching them!

We also knew that we wanted to check out the inflatable church. I honestly love this idea and keep pitching it to Scott. Not only can you have a celebration in the inflatable church, it's also a dance room too! When we turned up there were some fantastic late 90's/early 00's club hits going on that got us all moving and grooving. The perfect way to chill out and enjoy yourself or even to get your vows renewed (seriously you can do that!).

Camp Bestival 2018

One of our favourite areas was actually the Big Top Mania section of the upper kids garden. Nestled in the corner just next to the gin bar and the feast collective, this corner is perfect for kids to learn and perfect their circus skills. The kids honestly spent hours learning how to ride a unicycle, how to balance a spinning plate and how to walk on stilts. I think we have a pair of acrobatic clowns on our hands!

We honestly had such a fantastic weekend at Camp Bestival taking in all the music and goings on. Whilst we were gutted that Sunday was closed, we made the most of the time we had, are still exhausted now and have a bank full of brilliant memories to keep forever. Whilst I found that there were a few niggling problems this year, we soon managed to find fun, create special moments and see and do more than we ever thought we would.

Camp Bestival, it was a fantastic weekend! Can't wait for the next one.

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Camp Bestival 2018

* Note: we were gifted tickets in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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