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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Join Us At Camp Bestival 2018!

Festival season is here! I honestly can't wait to get stuck into the camping, music and fun that comes with heading to a festival. The first one on our list this year is Camp Bestival. Nestled in the grounds of Lulworth Castle in Dorset, this festival is almost like a home away from home for us. Last year we braved the rain and mud to have one of the best festival experiences of the year. It didn't matter that we were up to our knees, it was full of fun and surprises at every corner.

This year, the guys over at Camp Bestival decided to embrace the water we had last year and have themed the 2018 festival as "Camp Bestival Sets Sail", with everyone being encouraged to dress up and get involved with the sail-tastic festivities. I'm preparing with copious amounts of stripes going into my weekend bag!

One thing I love about Camp Bestival is that there is always something to do no matter your age. Whether it's running around the caravans in the Caravanserai or hiding out in the Dingly Dell, you can always find some corner that you fall in love with. Whilst Scott always heads to the comedy tent, I'm eagerly waiting for the next literature talk and Max can't wait to see what is happening in the kids gardens. I think no matter how many times you go to the festival, you are always finding something new to discover and do.

Which is why we can't wait to head back (with some friends this time) this year to enjoy the fun that can be had in the paradise of a festival.

This year, the line up ticks the boxes for everyone. With something that us oldies will love (looking at you Rick Astley and Basement Jaxx!) to chart hit stars like Clean Bandit. The music is varied and everyone will find something they love. I'm looking forward to sitting down with a drink in hand, listening to one of my festival faves called Beans On Toast! 

The kids have a never ending line up to devour, including Andy and the Odd Socks, Dick and Dom and Dinosaur World Live! If shows aren't really their thing, then they can have a moments peace in the art town, or head down to the Dingly Dell to carve a wand. The possibilities are endless at Camp Bestival and whilst I'm making a list of things we need to tick off, I can see us discarding it and just soaking in the fun and hopefully sun. 

Fancy joining us this year at Camp Bestival? Well we have one family day ticket up for grabs by following the details below! Good luck and can't wait to see you there!



  1. Wow. Would love to win this :)

  2. Would love to see Rick Astley and Dick and Dom.

  3. After seeing everyone’s insta stories last year we’d so love to go!

  4. Clean Bandit whilst enjoying some River cottage yumminess!!! Natalie x

  5. Clean Bandit while enjoying some River Cottage yumminess!! x

  6. Hard to choose but I think clean bandit and Basement Jaxx for me, just seeing my kids faces seeing their idols up close is enough for me in all honesty

  7. Clean Bandit and Basement Jaxx for me but the children would LOVE to see Dick & Dom live!


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