Updating Max's Bedroom - Ideas List

Living in a rented property means that we don't get the chance to do as much as we want to our home. Whilst our landlord is okay with us hanging pictures and painting the walls, it all needs to be tasteful or be able to put back to neutral when we eventually leave. 

Max's room originally started as a gorgeous circus themed room with bright colours. Since then we have replaced posters with ones that just aren't pretty. And whilst he might like his Pokemon poster, it's ripped and he really needs a new theme and appearance to his room. As you can see from the photo below, his room is frankly a mess and there is no sense or organisation too it.

Being on a low income, we can't do everything at once. But we are planning to do it in stages and it's one of the most exciting rooms for me to work on. I sat down and asked Max what theme he wanted his room and before I could finish the sentence he shouted "Disney". Of course many Disney items are aimed at the younger end of the market so I have decided to go down the Peter Pan/outdoors theme to add some Disney magic and grown up fun to it.

We are planning on keeping his room in a similar layout, but depending on the weather and time available, may paint his bed white to match the rest of his furniture. I'm looking to get some art prints and wicker baskets to tie everything together and update things like his curtains to blackout ones. Max's favourite colour is green, so I know that the Neverland theme will be a winner!

  • Neverland Peter Pan Print - Peter Pan is one of our favourites, and I love this stylised travel inspired poster.
  • Peter Pan Adventure Print - I am obsessed with prints from Bookishly and this one is perfect for the Peter Pan theme in his room.
  • Peter Pan Hook Print - This Captain Hook inspired piece is perfect for adding a touch of a villain into his room. 
  • Leaf Rug - Max's room is quite long and thin, so these leaf shaped rugs will be fab to dot around the carpet.
  • Leaf curtains - Max's current curtains are a mix of too short and not very good for blocking out light in his room. These leaf print ones are fantastic for adding a bit of style and colour to the room.
  • Monogram Cushion - This cushion is absolutely gorgeous. Whilst I've tried to make some cushions for his room, it's always good to invest in some quality ones. 
Now I've got some solid idea's for his room I can't wait for a trip to Ikea and to get started on his fantastic new room!

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  1. I love the idea of mixing Peter Pan themed prints with the leaf patterns. The general theme can be easily changed as Max grows but will look fantastic either way. #bloggershomes