Bedroom Wishlist

We recently bought some new furniture for our bedroom as our old stuff had started breaking, didn't fit in and basically was a bit naff. When we moved in we accepted as many freebies as we could and we are in the process of replacing it all. We've just ripped down all the wallpaper and prepped the walls for a slate grey feature wall. We've opted for grey as we have a variety of different duvets and wanted a colour that would match with them all.

We went for white furniture for the same reason, it's a colour that we can take anywhere and will fit into any room we put it in. We have got rid of our wardrobe though and opted for some deep drawers instead. We have a handful of things that need hanging (some shirts and cardigans) so we are putting a tension rod up in the alcove that our wardrobe is in now to hang them. With our bookcase underneath it should give us loads of space to live in.

To break up the white we have loads of colourful duvets and art prints (like this awesome Peter Pan one from Society 6) and we are also going to buy a gorgeous new Cable and Cotton string lights to suspend over the bed as we don't have a headboard anymore.

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