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Friday, 4 September 2015

Cleaning With The Vax Dual Power Pro

Living in a rented property means that I spend even more time than normal making sure things aren't spilt or soiled on the floor. Any moment something drops I am scrubbing at it to make it good as new. But that's not to mean I don't miss parts or that the carpet get's a full deep clean. Max is a typical boy and leaves sticky fingers and show scuffs everywhere, no matter how much I try and stop it!

That's where the Vax Dual Power Pro carpet cleaner comes into play. We had a carpet cleaner a few years ago but it didn't seem to outlast my constant use of it (I was cleaning them every couple of weeks!). But since it broke I've been doing things by hand and I had definitely been feeling like it wasn't up to the usual standards. 

As soon as it arrived I was tearing it from the box and racing to go before the door even closed on the delivery guy!

First of all it's a big bit of kit. It's something that any gadget lover or any clean freak would fall in love with. And I certainly loved it! The box and instructions were laid out really well, it only took a few minutes for me to piece it all together. I had a bit of trouble locking the handle into place but after a bit of wiggling it all clicked together. Inside the box is also a drawstring bag full of attachments, these include a hardwood attachment, a handheld attachment and one that is for upholstery with an extendable hose attachment too. For an added bonus there was also two bottles of solution. You are recommended to use the Vax branded ones so that it works fully and to it's best potential. 

The actual process of using the cleaner is super easy. Similar with other cleaners you just add the solution and water to the top tank. The top tank uses a great system called Automix meaning that it only lets out the amount of solution you actually use, so no wasted solution finally! There is a trigger on the handle that you pull to release the cleaning mix meaning you can control how much of the solution is applied on the carpet. 

It might look like a heavy bit of gadgetry but in all honesty it was really light and easy to work with. I always find that a push forward whilst releasing the mix then a pull back to "suck up" all the dirt is the easiest way to do it. It also means you don't do too many places repeatedly as it means it takes a long time to dry. 

The Vax has some really heavy duty brushes on the bottom of cleaner that really get to work and break down all the dirt in the carpet. Whilst our carpets didn't look like they were that dirty, once you saw the grey dirty water filling up in the bottom tank you really got that hit of satisfaction where you know that something is getting really clean. As you can see below, the dark marks went after the first go and the carpet smells amazingly fresh too.

One thing I will note is that it is quite a noisy machine, but when you know it's not being used much I can look past the noise as it does such a good job. 

Luckily it's fairly quick drying. Our carpet took less than an hour to be dry enough to walk over which is amazing as our last one took hours and resulted in lots of jumping strategically.I've not yet used the attachments, but I do have to attack my sofa once Max starts school as it's covered in lots of sticky finger marks from a summer holiday of fun!

We absolutely love the Vax Dual Power Pro Carpet Cleaner. It's something that has firmly earnt a place in our cupboard, and something that is coming out regularly. For just under £200 it seems like quite an expensive product, but to rent a carpet cleaner regularly can add up and amount to more than the cost of the Vax over the course of a year. So it's definitely a great investment for a family on the go like ours. 



  1. I could do with one of these I have beige carpets.It looks like a great gadget.

  2. We moved in our house a year ago and had new carpets fitted, its a full time job keeping them clean! Next time I'm getting black! This looks like a good cleaner though and not as huge and bulky as some I've seen.

  3. I used to have cream carpets but I went for floorboards after a particularly bad year with toddlers!! This cleaner looks the job though - to get rid of those stains.

  4. Seems very good we mostly have wooden floors but could be good for one of our carpets.

  5. I definitely need one of these - we have mostly wooden floors but had a beige carpet put in the playroom- bonkers idea that was!

  6. We have a vax cleaner and I really couldn't live without it, they are fab

  7. Wow I could do with one of these. Between the three kids they certainly do make a mess of the carpets!

  8. It did a great job of the carpet. I need to dig mine out and do ours again

  9. We've had a vax vacuum cleaner in the past - always did the job well

  10. Looks gorgeous!! I love anything that cleans! Looks like it does a really great job, wishing i had one when my Daughter was potty training x

  11. This looks like exactly what we need - i have a rug in need of a good clean x x

  12. I really need one of these, are they good on tough stains???


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