A Bedroom Wishlist

A bedroom should be a place to relax, where you can unwind before bed and relax during the day. Think soft furnishings, gorgeous decor and matching furniture.

Ever since we moved in a year ago we have been planning how to change up the bedroom. There is some frankly hideous wallpaper that wasn't put up properly so doesn't even match up. Not to mention nothing in our bedroom actually matches with the wallpaper. We are in the process of ripping off the wallpaper and painting the wall in a dusky grey to make it a bit more neutral and homey.

We have a gorgeous pine bed that has plenty of space for storage underneath. This is perfect for us as we live in a place that has pretty much no storage. It's great as we can pop everything from shoes to suitcases and christmas pressies under there.

I love some of the pictures we have on the wall, but as with all the other things in the room, nothing seems to match the wallpaper. Having a neutral colour will make these gorgeous commissions stand out better.

I love the whole minimalistic idea in the bedroom and most things are hidden away. I have a few books on my side table (It's actually a stool!) as I love to snuggle under a warm duvet and read the night away.

Having said that, all my books are in the bedroom because there isn't really any other space. I try and keep the amount to a minimum but when you're a bookseller you can become a little bit of a hoarder!

Matching the pale grey wall we have chosen I would pick a Yorkshire Linen duvet cover such as this stag print one. Something like this is gorgeous as you can almost sink into the sheets and have an amazing night sleep. We have a double bed but use a king size duvet. It means that we are never fighting over the covers at night and are always cosy.

I love the idea of having a place I can relax in. At the moment the room feels like a bit of a mess but hopefully over the next few weeks we can make it a haven that we love.

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