Max is nearly four

How did that happen? How did you go from that little baby to that big boy in the flash of an eye? Four years ago we had just settled in our first family home and were eagerly awaiting your arrival. I was yet to finish work and had no idea what would happen in those next few weeks let along months and years.

First of all let me say I'm impressed I've managed to bring up such a polite and curious little boy. One that's determined with what he wants and what he's going to achieve. One that amazes me every day, that despite the tantrums never fails to tell me he loves me each night before bed.

I never knew that when I started university I would end up with a newborn halfway through the course. Let alone complete the damn degree through gritted teeth. But I did it for you, I wanted to prove to you that despite all those negative nancy's you can succeed with what ever you dream of.

I would never have started this blog unless I realised that I needed an outlet for my PND. Something that I will happily talk with you if you ever ask me. Mental health is nothing to be ashamed of. You have such compassion that you don't mind that uncle Juno is "a bit weird at times but awesome at magic" (your words not mine) and you love his quirks that come with his schizophrenia. Everyone is the same to you. No matter their background, sexuality, mental heath or race. You have such a big heart and so much love to give.

You are so inquisitive. Always asking me questions about everything from where rain comes from to why mummy's chocolate biscuits are better than the shop ones. Please never stop that. That's how some of the greatest people created parts of this world. A rockstar that always wants to sing and dance with me. An actor that pretends he is part of mystery inc.

Kid you rock my world. And I would have never thought 4 years ago that I could produce and bring up a kid as amazing as you. I love you and I can't wait for you to become 4.

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