Max's Big Boy Room Wishlist

Now that Max is 3 he seems to be outgrowing a lot of his furniture. Mainly his toddler bed which he seem to fall out of or end up hanging out of at some point in the night. That being said I thought it would be great to come up with a wishlist of things that I want to use in Max's bigger boy bedroom!

It all starts with a bed right. That one that you look at and go WOW, I NEED THIS. Well not for me obviously. But when I saw this bed I knew it was the one!

  1. First up would be this bed from the Range's online children's bed range. I love the white as it would go with any colour walls, furniture and it's pretty universal so if we did have any more children then they could have the other half of the bunk beds! Whilst Max is still an only child however I would turn the bottom bunk into a reading rest by hanging some fabric to make a den and some cushions and lights. The shelving along both bunks would be great for bookshelves and for teddies and the small toys that Max ends up taking to bed with him!
  2. Of course it's not a bed without a duvet cover. I would probably choose the Vandring Skogsliv from Ikea. I love that this is woodland theme as it ties in with the neutral colours but still stands out from the room.
  3. The Cameo Bedroom Package from the Range would definitely house his many clothes and toys whilst looking classy and they would probably last him for the rest of his time living at home. Because he will leave at some point when he's an adult won't he? Regardless I love the white wood and fine touches.
  4. I would love to get Max the knitted Triceratops head by Sincerely Louise on Molly Meg. It's gorgeous and the fact I know that Louise is such a hard worker (we went to uni together!) makes it even more worth the pennies!
  5. I love this lamp from Almas Room as it's understated but so delicate and intricate. It fits well with the woodland theme and is also a statement piece but not in your face at all.
  6. This rug from the Range is a perfect addition to the room. I love statement rugs and this one will fit with the colours, the theme and it looks really durable. I've always wanted a patchwork type of rug and this is the best thing to go in his room to make sure that the floor doesn't get too mucky and allows him to lay on his floor reading or playing with toys.

So there is my dream room for Max. Featuring things that are affordable and a few indulgences. I think I'm definitely going to buy that bed though. And maybe the duvet and dinosaur head. What would be on your list?

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