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Top Family Shows to watch at MAST Mayflower in 2021

 In times like these, it's brilliant to share fantastic theatre news. And the fact that the utterly brilliant Mayflower Theatre have now opened a secondary theatre called MAST Mayflower is just the icing on the cake. Based at the old Nuffield City site in Southampton town centre, this theatre will focus on smaller shows and productions and provide a more intimate approach to theatre. Having been to the theatre many times before, I can attest to the fact that it's a brilliant setting for the whole family to head to enjoy some shows. 

And in their opening year they have a brilliant selection of family shows for little and old to love and enjoy. Here are some notable ones that I think you should book!

From the stage to screen - 2021 musical film adapatations

If 2020 was the year of the streamed play, 2021 is the year of the movie musical. With more movie musicals taking to the big screen than ever before, I wanted to highlight the 4 that I think are ones you need to book a ticket for!

Show Must Go On - Live at the Palace Theatre Livestream Review

 Theatre is one sector that has really struggled throughout the pandemic. Whilst other parts of the industry have managed to thrive and flourish (looking at you Netflix!) theatre is something that has struggled and fought its way through this troublesome time. One way that they have managed is through some amazing online streams, workshops for new musicals and the brilliant The Show Must Go On scheme. 

To celebrate the brilliant acts and artists that collaborate from multiple shows, The Show Must Go On has taken to the Palace Theatre stage to put on a show like no other. Max and I couldn't wait to settle down on our sofa and watch the livestream of this brilliant stage show.