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Nativity The Musical Review - Mayflower Southampton

Nativity The Musical
Mayflower Theatre, Southampton
3rd-7th December 2019

This year I've really struggled to get into the festive spirit. I think the lack of working in retail and being all consumed in working in education means that I can't fully embrace all that is Santa and Co yet as my to-do list is so long! So when the fantastic folks over at the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton invited Max and I to see Nativity the Musical I hoped and prayed that it would give me that festive feeling. And I'm going to spoil it for you now, it 100% left me ready and raring for Christmas!


Rocky Horror UK Tour - Bournemouth Pavilion Review

The Rocky Horror Show is a cult film, musical and all round piece of history that has fans spanning generations. It was a film that pushed the boundaries of gender and sexuality and it's a musical that has audience members dressing up, shouting and bringing props to every show. It's a film that I have a huge soft spot for, and a musical that I haven't seen in what feels like forever. So when I saw that it was on at the Bournemouth Pavilion, I knew that I would be heading down at my first opportunity. Luckily, an invite popped into my inbox, so it was the perfect excuse to say Dammit Janet, I'm on my way!

Tom Gates Live On Stage

Tom Gates is one of those kid's book series that has won over and inspired a generation of readers. I don't know one kid in Max's year that hasn't heard or read about Tom and his world. And with a book series that is so richly animated and created, it makes perfect sense for the stage to be a brilliant place to adapt Tom and his life. 

Tom Gates Live On Stage has just taken Southampton Mayflower by storm. A completely new show created by Birmingham Stage Company, this show follows Tom on a brand new adventure and Max was honestly sitting on the edge of his seat in anticipation throughout the whole show!