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Acosta Danza - Evolution Review - Mayflower Southampton

There's something magical and captivating about watching the ballet. Seeing the dancers flow and float across the stage in such fluid movements is awe inspiring and honestly leaves me wide eyed in amazement. The sheer talent that graces a stage during a show is staggering and I will never not admire each and every dancer that goes on stage night after night.

I was invited to watch the brilliant Acosta Danza ballet company at the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton and was beyond excited to watch and immerse myself in a show like no other. The Mayflower Theatre in Southampton have such an eclectic mix of dance shows on and you never know what you are going to expect. One thing you can count on though is a show to remember.

2019 in Review

I think that everyone can agree on one thing. 2019 was a year. It was a year of even bigger changes for our family, but in all the good ways that have enabled us to move forward and fully embrace life with open arms. 

2019 definitely brought its challenges. With the two of us juggling full time jobs, I can definitely say I had moments where I sat there questioning my own sanity. But here we are, a few days until the start of a new decade and into my 10th year of blogging. And my goodness it's been one hell of a ride. 

Peter Pan - Mayflower Panto Review

14th December - 5th January 2020

We all know the much loved tale of Peter Pan. The boy that never grows up and flies the Darling children to Neverland for adventures on land and sea. But you have never seen the story told quite like it was tonight on the stage at the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton. For whilst it told the tale of the much loved children's character, there was a whole lot more laughter and excitement to be had on this quiet night in Southampton.