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Day out With Thomas at the Watercress Line

There is something that is quintessentially timeless about Thomas the Tank Engine. He has been capturing the hearts and imaginations of children and adults alike for generations, and he's a character that no one really grows out of in their lifetime. A few years ago we were invited to The Watercress Line to meet and ride Thomas and his friends. It's a day that none of us will be forgetting, so as soon as we were invited again for another "Day Out With Thomas" we couldn't refuse! 

Compton Acres, Poole Review

I've liven in the Bournemouth and Poole area for as long as I can remember. Whether that's just outside or in the heart of the towns and I'm still finding myself blown away by hidden gems that I've never discovered before. We recently discovered Compton Acres, and it's one of those gems I knew I had to take some snaps and blog about it! 

Jersey Boys UK Tour Review - Mayflower Southampton

There are not many shows where one of the most recognisable songs describes how you enjoyed the show. But with Jersey Boys you can shout it from the rooftops because “Oh What A Night” we truly had when we saw it take to the stage at the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton. This time I took my mum with me as I knew that she would enjoy it just as much, if not more than I was going to. For me, it was my second time seeing this fantastic show and I forget just how utterly brilliant it was!