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Blood Brothers UK Tour Review - Mayflower Southampton

Tell me it's not true, say it's just a story. At least that's what audiences hope as they watch the opening of Blood Brothers as it took to the Mayflower stage on it's UK tour this week. As blood is shed and lives are lost, you are retold the story of two brothers, one rich, one poor and the fate that tied the two of them together. 

Blood Brothers is one of the most highly acclaimed pieces of British theatre in generations. With an audience full of old, young and a lot of teenagers, you can see why this award winning show is not only a GCSE staple, but also a firm fan favourite. I was invited to see the shoe at the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton on it's leg of the UK tour and I honestly couldn't wait!

9 to 5 the Musical UK Tour Review - Mayflower Southampton

Working 9-5, what a way to make a living. That is if you're not a woman who has to navigate the misogyny of the workplace whilst juggling childcare, home life and the barriers to job progression. 9 to 5 The Musical is a show that has been around in some form or other for 40 years, you could hope that there would be some real progression in that time. But with the rise of the #MeToo movement and the gender pay gap still existing, it seems like the show is more relevant than ever. 

Opening the UK tour in Southampton at the Mayflower Theatre, Max and I were fortunate enough to tumble out of bed and stumble to the theatre for a rip roaring show that had the audience on their feet clapping and cheering. 

Contender Festival - The New UK fitness festival

Are you the type of person that loves music, fitness and good food? Looking for a festival that can tick all of those boxes that is also family friendly? Well I think that Contender Fest might be the festival for you!