Thursday, 13 December 2018

Dick Whittington Panto Review - Lighthouse Poole

 Heading to the Lighthouse, Poole's pantomime is a Christmas tradition in our house. Every year we are blown away with how fantastic and fun their pantomimes are. With something to please everyone, we couldn't wait to head to see what they had in store for us this year.

Gracing the stage this time around was the tale of poor Dick Whittington, the story of the young boy from Poole who heads to London for fame and fortune. With villainous characters and catchy songs, it was a night that had adults and children laughing, cheering and singing along in their seats. Written and produced by Duncan Reeves Productions, who have led the way with the last two shows at the Lighthouse we knew we were in for a fab night.

The cast of Dick Whittington Lighthouse Poole
Photo by: Richard Budd

Thursday, 6 December 2018

What's That Smell? Board Game Review

As many of you know, we are HUGE board game fans in our household. We tend to buy at least one new one each year and have about three huge trunks full of them throughout our house and love nothing more than spending time together. 

When picking a board game, we usually take influence on what is set to be the hot game of the year, but also try and find something that will amuse us adults as well as just Max. So when What's That Smell? came onto the scene, I knew that it would tick the boxes for the whole family.

What's That Smell Board Game


Monday, 3 December 2018

Eco Friendly Cleaning in 2019

2018 has been the year that everyone has slowly become a bit more eco-conscious. I've been trying to be as eco-friendly as possible in my day to day life by switching everything from makeup wipes, to sanitary products, to the good old tote bags instead of plastic ones. But the one thing that I am guilty of is still using harmful cleaning products. 

It's not that I'm not trying, it's just I know what works well in my home and until I'm proven that an eco-friendly product works, I don't tend to switch to something else. Having said that, I was becoming increasingly aware of how many disposable anti-bacterial wipes I was using and knew that something needed to change. 

Tincture Eco Cleaning Products

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