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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Brewhouse & Kitchen Bournemouth

Brewhouse & Kitchen is a brand that has been steadily growing on the south coast and the rest of the country, from a small microbrewery to a collection of pubs to delight and entertain locals. April 2017 was the launch of the new Brewhouse & Kitchen in Bournemouth, situated in the triangle part of town. When we were invited to try it out, I knew that Scott would be the best to give it a go. I mean he is the beer connoisseur of the family. Find out what he thought of the new opening. 

Breweries seem to be making appearances all over the country, but not a lot of them offer meals for the family. When I was invited to visit the opening of the Brewhouse in Bournemouth, I was certainly surprised at what was on offer.

There are three main areas of the Brewhouse: The downstairs bar, Upstairs Diner and bar and the drinking garden. The very second you enter the building it has a very classy, yet social vibe. Not section of the Brewhouse is wasted as it seemed every corner I turned I found something to see. A selection of tables, chairs and stalls all-round the downstairs bar made for a great setting to have a quick catch up with a friend or a boozy one with the gang. I was immediately caught by the spectacle of the bar. 

They had lights in beer bottles, a small shelf providing spirits and huge taps for ale, lager and cider which offered a great variety. Not in the mood for ale, I opted for an imported lager. It came in a designer glass and well… I wouldn’t mind more than one in the future. The price was higher than your average Wetherspoons, but considering there are local and imported beers, it was to be expected. 

The room felt quite exciting and warming, definitely somewhere that me and Laura could head to on a rare date night. There was a log fire warming the room, giving it a homely feel that some pubs seem to lack. I was surprised to see the Brewhouse has its own brewing station which you can plan with friends at £85 a head, not bad considering it includes food throughout the day. They even provide kegs that you can fill with your own brew and take home. The kegs all lined the wall by the staircase towards the upstairs area.

The upstairs area was the most family friendly part of the building. The wooden, rustic design was laid out pleasantly and watched over by very polite and friendly staff. The one thing that caught my attention was the smell of the food…it was to die for! The presentation on people’s plates, the portion size…it really was great. When glancing at the menu, I noticed they noted beers best accompanied the meals, I quite liked that idea, and definitely gave me an appetite for a return trip.

Back downstairs was the most pleasant part, the garden. Little sheds had been shaped and painted to look like beach huts, giving a nice private feel like you were on the beach itself. There was loads of space on benches and there was also a large seated area by a furnace for a natural heating area for colder nights. I certainly liked the atmosphere outside and could get used to it on a summer night with some of the local writers. 

Overall the experience at the Brewhouse was a very enjoyable one. If you’re ever looking for a nice place to drink quality beers or a nice place for a meal, including children I certainly would recommend this place as somewhere to treat yourself to…and me if possible. Now when can I go back?

*Photos sourced from Brewhouse & Kitchen

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