Friday, 28 August 2015

Friday Reads

Now that I've started Laura Reads, I've decided to change up the format of Friday Reads. Instead of having a post dedicated to a book I'm going to highlight some of my favourite book news that has happened this week.

On The Blog

This week on the blog I've spoken about Solitaire, one of my favourite YA books of last year, it's one of those books that took the internet by storm. I've also been discussing what you can read now that you've devoured Paper Towns by John Green.

Favourite Releases

I love a new release and this week has had some amazing ones! From the new Jamie Oliver to the final Discworld installment there seems to be something for everyone and I know that we are definitely heading towards some super Thursdays.

My kid's highlight is definitely the new Dinosaur That Pooped The Bed book by the McFly boys, whilst my adult highlight is the new Patrick Ness book. I've got a review coming on the blog next week so if you are a fan of YA then definitely check out this amazing book. Waterstones even have an awesome exclusive edition in at the moment.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

My Favourite Places in Bournemouth

I've lived in or near Bournemouth most of my life, it's somewhere that I can't see moving away from anytime soon. I love the variety of things that we can do here. Everything from a day at the beach to a day in the forest. It's always easy to find something to do and there's always a new place to explore. So here's some of my favourite places in the Bournemouth area.
First up is Moors Valley. Situated just outside of Bournemouth this place is amazing. A country park with a golf course, Moors Valley has an amazing play trail for kids to run around and explore. We love to grab a load of bloggers and head there for a fun day in the forest! Even better, you only have to pay for parking (around £10 during peak season for the whole day) so it's an awesome day out for next to nothing.

Most of my readers are aware of our love with the Oceanarium. On Bournemouth seafront, this wonderful place is full of any type of marine life you can imagine. They've just added penguins and jellyfish too. For the price of the ticket you get unlimited trips on that day, which is perfect as there are so many talks and feeds that you can pop back whenever you want.
Truly Scrumptious is an adorable old fashioned sweet shop based on the quay in Poole (right next to Bournemouth). Any type of sweet you can imagine they have on site. Not to mention the wonderful handmade fudge that they bake each day for everyone to enjoy. There's nothing better than popping down, grabbing some sweets or ice cream and watching the boats float by on the quay.

Soft play is normally the bane of my life. It's a screaming plastic mess that makes me run for the hills. Treehouse Family Play is a different kind of soft play though. At the top of Bournemouth town centre you can find Treehouse. Made entirely of wood, rope and fake grass this not so soft play is amazing for budding adventurers. The relaxed atmosphere means you can sit and enjoy the fab coffee whilst your kids become explorers.

Finally I know it's Christmas related, but if you are heading to Bournemouth during the festive season then seeing the garden of lights is definitely on your list. During December, the whole of Bournemouth gardens are transformed with amazing light play huts that are completely interactive. It's a great thing for people of all ages to do and it certainly gets you into the Christmas spirit. 

And after all that exploring there's only one thing left to do, and that's sleep. My personal recommendation for somewhere to say is one of the many Travelodge Bournemouth hotels. We always tend to use Travelodge as you know that they are a chain of hotels you can trust.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Quick and Easy Artwork Display

We live in a rented flat. Whilst our landlord will let us do some decorating (painting the walls, hanging shelves) I don't want to drill too many holes. It's just too much work to fill and cover them when we leave. Having said that, our flat was looking a bit dull and boring so I decided to come up with an idea to display some of our favourite bits and bobs.

Max is forever sitting and colouring something, it's left us with a wall of pictures in the kitchen (attached with washi tape - genius stuff) but we needed something else for the rest of the house. Our lounge is really long and slim, so we had one completely bare wall that I wanted to fill with something awesome.

I was originally going to make and hang some bunting on the wall but realise that it would take so long and I didn't have any fabric on hand that went with our room colour theme. Instead I decided to take a few Command Hooks (fave thing ever!) and some string and try and make a washing line of sorts.

I simply stuck three of the miniature hooks used for hanging fairy lights etc on the wall at equal intervals. You need to press firmly to make sure they are secure and leave for an hour or so to fully allow them to attach. I love Command Hooks as they are so versatile and easily removable so you can't even tell they have been there.

I then tied some string (I used parcel string from Wilkos) so there was some hang between each hook and securely knotted it around each hook so it didn't slip and slide. Then all I had to do was to peg each thing I wanted onto it. We've got everything from cards to pictures and drawings up.

I love our artwork display. It's a great way to display some of our favourite things but also means it's versatile enough to change whenever we want to add something new. Max loves the fact he can show off his favourite drawings and we know that they aren't shovved in a drawer or folder somewhere.