Tuesday, 1 September 2015

A Week Until School

I can hardly believe that in a week's time you start school. Where has the time gone?! It feels like only yesterday we were taking you for your first day at nursery when you were 9 months old, and soon you will be donning that adorable school uniform and running off into the playground.

You are a feisty one, you are so determined with what you want that I have no doubt you will achieve it. Telling me over the weekend that your dream was to stand on stage at Reading Festival and sing your little heart out makes me want to squeeze you tight as I don't want to think about you being old enough to be on stage!

You are so incredibly cheeky. I can see the school reports rolling in that you are smart enough but lack concentration. Something you pick up from your aunties and uncles who are now excelling in their chosen careers. You love to make people laugh and make sure people are happy. And I know whatever you do in class you will be sure to love learning.

You have such a big heart that I know you will have a multitude of friends. Despite not going to the same school as Kayden, we have so many moments planned with him that you will always be best friends. You always see the best in people and I know that you are going to embrace everyone for who they are.

You are a sponge, you love to take in all the information that surrounds you, quick to ask questions and even quicker to learn the answer. You amazed me last week by reading me a whole book yourself and immersing yourself in play worlds you've created in your head. Imagination flows through you and I know that you are such a creative little man.

Neither of us can wait for you to start. You are so ready for this next step and I can't wait to walk you to the school gates each morning and watch you start to grow wings and step into the great unknown. I love you little one, forever and always.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Top 5 Apps for Editing Photos

Being a photography graduate I'm really picky with photos. Max normally has to stand there and endure multiple takes until I'm just right. With the age of smartphones I normally take that out instead of my DSLR to catch moments on the go. We all know phone quality is never as good as what a DSLR can produce but there's some amazing apps I've discovered that can definitely make your photos Instagram worthy.

Afterlight:  This is probably my most used app. It's the easiest to navigate and has a whole host of extras such as frames and filters. I normally stick to the basic brightness and contrast on this app. I used to add a white border to the photo so that I could upload it portrait or landscape without cropping but Instagram have now changed that function is these alignments are allowed. 

A Beautiful Mess: This app is great for creating collages and adding lots of cute things to your photos. In the ABM app you can add anything from arrows to quotes and text. I do find it's hard to adjust the size of the text if you wanted it small but for something big and bold it's awesome. I always use this app to create collages for IG as it's quick and easy. 

Phonto: This app is for adding text to your photos. I prefer this to the ABM one as there is a bigger selection of free fonts to use. As with all the others it's really simple to use and user friendly.

VSCO Cam: This app is pretty nifty. It has an amazing selection of filters that you can adjust to your taste. Further to that you can sign up and share your photos with others that use the app. It's a bit like IG in the social aspect. 

Adobe Lightroom: This is a programme I use on my Macbook. I don't tend to use Photoshop much and prefer the ease and cataloguing aspect of Lightroom. This app allows me to add my phone photos to the collection I have already. You can edit on this app but it's quite basic and a bit tricky to work around. This is definitely more for the backing up side of things!

What apps do you love for photos on your phone? 

Friday, 28 August 2015

Friday Reads

Now that I've started Laura Reads, I've decided to change up the format of Friday Reads. Instead of having a post dedicated to a book I'm going to highlight some of my favourite book news that has happened this week.

On The Blog

This week on the blog I've spoken about Solitaire, one of my favourite YA books of last year, it's one of those books that took the internet by storm. I've also been discussing what you can read now that you've devoured Paper Towns by John Green.

Favourite Releases

I love a new release and this week has had some amazing ones! From the new Jamie Oliver to the final Discworld installment there seems to be something for everyone and I know that we are definitely heading towards some super Thursdays.

My kid's highlight is definitely the new Dinosaur That Pooped The Bed book by the McFly boys, whilst my adult highlight is the new Patrick Ness book. I've got a review coming on the blog next week so if you are a fan of YA then definitely check out this amazing book. Waterstones even have an awesome exclusive edition in at the moment.