Friday, 24 October 2014

5 tips for moving house with a toddler

Moving house is overwhelming even at the best of times so when you add a toddler to the mix it can become something of a nightmare. We have moved twice now with Max in tow and no doubt there will be many more to go. So I thought I would put a few tips together to help anyone else that will be in a similar situation. 

Obviously the first thing is to stay organised. I found the best thing to do was to get down to packing the things we didn't need before we moved. I used Evernote to jot down lists and sync them up between my laptop and phone. It gave me that bit more control over what was happening when, and let's face it who isn't a control freak when it comes to moving!

Sell items you don't need on websites such as Ebay and Gumtree. You never realise how much stuff you hoard until you move. We are still going through stuff to sell now but have definitely made enough to buy some treats when it comes to furnishing the new place. What is your trash can sometimes be someone else's treasure! We found that there was so much stuff in Max's room that we are slowly selling it off as he doesn't play with it so we can buy him some new stuff for his birthday.

We were moving into an unfurnished place so we had to find somewhere to store bulky things. The first thing that sprung to mind was to hire a storage unit or find a storage solution like WSSL as they can create a solution that is specific for you. For us it was my abundance of books. I couldn't bring them all over at once as they would have filled a transit van! So instead I worked to find a storage solution so they could stay in a relatives garage until I was ready to bring them over.

Of course you need to let places know you are moving. We drew up a list of every company that we had contact with. From Clubcards to Credit Cards. It's taken a while. Especially with things such as driving licenses and such but we have nearly done everything!

Let the kids get involved. We got Max fully into moving by getting him to decorate his own packing boxes and getting him to hand us things to put in the van etc. We also bought him some books to show that this was an adventure and not to be scared of a new place.

What would your top tips be?

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Room Tour With Cable And Cotton

Now we are getting settled in our new place I thought I would give a bit of a room tour of the one room that is 98% complete! All the other rooms are in a state of boxes and bit and pieces we need to sort out but we wanted to make sure that Max's space was perfect for him to play in. 

When we moved we decided that he would get a single bed over a toddler one. It made sense and I loved picking out cool new bedding for him and managed to get some amazing bargains. 

The space has allowed me to create a small play area, space to put a beanbag (when I've finished making it) and some small shelves for him to have some of his best books available. I love all the cute little knick knacks that he's collected from places so of course I love setting them out and displaying them so they are always easy to admire and grab. I'm hoping to hang a few more pictures, make some bunting and a couple of scatter cushions. 

FInally we have his play bit. I've put some storage boxes under his bed with some of his toys in and set up his kitchen to play to his hearts content. I've also added these gorgeous lights that Cable and Cotton sent us. 

I love these lights, not only are they available in an amazing amount of colour combinations but they are also ethically made in Thailand by a group of women that are paid well and have insurance incase they are unable to work for some reason. Each one is hand made so you know that your selection has been lovingly crafted with the greatest care.

They are so easy to put together, you literally pop the light into the ball and you're ready to go. We decided to pick the Sea Salt colour package as it was perfect colour combination for Max's room.

The website is so easy to use. You just select how many lights you want then either a -preselected colour pack or make one of your own. The possibilities are endless. They are beautifully packed and from £22.95 they are an amazing price too. 

So there's Max's room tour. I hope you like it and I hope you check out the fabulous Cable and Cotton who kindly gifted us a set of lights.

Monday, 20 October 2014

What Max Wore

With the cold air coming in it's the perfect time to layer up and Max is loving the opportunity to pick his own outfits to wear on our days out. 

Hat: New Look (stolen from Mummy!)
Jacket: H&M with patches from Ebay
Top: Asda
Jeans: Next - Ripped from falling over but further ripped by Mummy!
Shoes: Asda