Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Summer 2014 Bucket List: 001

Our first check off the summer bucket list is building sandcastles. We headed down to Avon Beach, our local beach that is covered in sand and started to make sandcastles. Unfortunately the sand wasn't coarse or wet enough so with a bit of water we managed to make sand shapes, the castles were not that great!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

A Tale Of Three Tummies

Once upon a time there were 3 greedy people. They never understood what to really eat for breakfast so they always ended up eating too little or too much.

Mummy normally grabs a big glass of ice water and a banana and by 10:00 she's starving again. Max seems to wolf down a bowl of cereal (those ones that are packed full of sugars that we are told not to eat) followed by some fruit and a smoothie. Daddy sticks with cereal or toast and a river of coffee.

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, in fact it's been proven somewhere that eating breakfast will help you with energy, weight loss and getting out of bed. Let's just say these 3 people weren't great with breakfast. That is until along came some lovely boxes of All Bran.
All Bran have said that if you take their 5 day challenge then you can ease that bloated and sluggish feeling you normally get from other foods. Apparently 90% of your happy hormones come from your gut so eating right can really help especially the right amount of fibre as it can help everything from your gut to your toilet times!

So Mummy, Daddy and Max decided the best thing to do with their poorly tummies and the boys excess gas was to take part in this challenge and work out just how much All Bran could help them feel a bit happier. 

With three gorgeous flavours they all picked a favourite. Daddy loved the Red Berry Crunch soaked in milk with a big mug of coffee. Mummy loved Golden Crunch with sliced bananas and natural yoghurt or milk whilst Max loved Chocolate Wheats with milk and some juice. 

Mummy was initially worried that the portions were small and they wouldn't be full up but at the end of the bowls they all sat back and exclaimed that the tummies were full and hopefully happy.

After the first couple of days Mummy didn't notice much change but felt fuller until lunch. Daddy was definitely less bloated, less gassy and lost a few pounds and Max stopped eating everyone out of house and home. 

Mummy, Daddy and Max felt happier. With all the extra energy they spent more time out in the sunshine and with the happy feeling in their guts from the All Bran they ate healthier and changed the way they thought about meals. Thank you All Bran for coming into our lives and making us happier. And as the story goes, they all lived happily ever after. 

This post is an entry for the “Real Mums of All-Bran” Linky Challenge, sponsored by Kelloggs

Saturday, 26 July 2014

FriDad (on a Saturday!)

Part 2 is here for you Fri Dadders gagging for more.
In the previous post I spoke about sharing tips and tricks for the benefit of others.
Since it’s been a blistering summer, I thought I’d share a current routine that’s doing very well right now.
As you are all aware it’s TOO HOT! Too hot to think, eat, drive or do cosplay. Children want to do EVERYTHING! The heat is keeping them awake, making them irritant and the lack of blackout curtains makes bedtime tough.
I came up with a solution that I’ve adhered to recently that made bedtime a set time and sleep time almost instant.
Okay, this routine starts from 5:30, roughly the time in which I feed Max his dinner. I make sure the dinner is light, there is plenty of liquid available and the dinner is quite juicy (soups, tomatoes, stew’s etc. all good).
I keep any potential desserts small. The last thing I need on my hands is a recharge.
Once tidying away and checking emails to see if anyone wants me as a scriptwriter (guess what the answer is so far) I pack a bag. The bag contains a bottle of water, a toy or two and an optional banana (bananas can help with dehydration).
At 7 o’clock (roughly the time CBeebies buggers off. I’m sorry, it’s a godsend for 5 minutes peace, but it’s treacherous) Max and I set off for the local park.
When we get there, all hell breaks loose. The temperatures have dropped, the park is empty and it’s time to play football Fireman Sam with a cuddly toy in tow. There I let Max drain all energy available, giving him water breaks and a snack if dinner didn’t quite cut it.
Around 8 o’clock it’s time to save Max lobbing the football from any other child’s head and go home. When we’re home I give him a quick wash off to avoid that sticky feeling he’s left with. A warm shower or bath raises the body temperature, opens the pores then drops the body’s temperature cooling him off.
Then it’s back to the original routine. Pyjama’s, book, blinds, bed. By then Max is in bed exhausted and by 8:30roughly it’s lights out! Now I can write FriDad in peace and attempt to write that script.
If you haven’t tried it, give it a go. Adapt it for yourselves and make it enjoyable for everyone involved.
There you have it folks. That’s my FriDad debt paid off for you all. I now need some water and a lie down. Until then…please let me go back to one for next weekend. Bye!