Monday, 14 April 2014

Butlins Ambassadors: Less Than A Month To Go!

So with less than a month to go before our Butlin's Ambassadors break I wanted to make a head start and start preparing what we want to see and do whilst we are there. Having been previously in September we knew what was on offer and can learn from some of the things we missed out on! So here's a list of some things we want to remember and do:

We are staying in the Neptune Room in the Ocean Hotel. One perk of this is that we don't have to worry about getting things ready, we can run into our room and flop down on the bed after a long day having fun. We chose a hotel over an apartment as we had already stayed in one last time and felt that we wanted to indulge ourselves and feel like we were really away on holiday!

The best thing about the Ocean Hotel is the added Spa. I am fully prepared to test out these facilities one afternoon so that they have been fully checked over and so everyone is happy with what they have on offer. I mean I'm taking one for the team and getting a great treatment at the same time...

I love to know where everything is. So to begin with I've been looking at how to drive there, where everything is situated in relation to the hotel and what the most accessible parts will be as we are going to take a lightweight stroller for the evenings. Once we are there I will be downloading the Butlin's app so that I can keep track of what's on at what time and it has an added map included. 

Next up is FOOD. Like one of the best parts of the holiday personally as I don't have to cook. Or wash up! We have the hotel diners package which means we can dine at any of the restaurants during our break. This is going to be really tough so we are spending the next few weeks looking at what amazing things we can have or we won't be able to decide at all once we get there!

Finally I like to see what entertainment we have in store for us. I love the fact that each year the main shows change. Last year we caught the Sesame Street gang, whilst this year it's Scooby Doo which I am super excited for (Max is too..) alongside the regular faces of Barney, Mike the Knight, Fireman Sam and Thomas. I'm stoked for some of the adult stuff going on as it's right up my street too!

So with less than a month to go we are in full Butlins mode. Are you heading off on holiday soon? What do you do to prepare?

Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Dinosaurs Are Coming!

This easter the dinosaurs seem to be taking over. From Walking With Dinosaurs in the cinema to lots of dino themed things filling the shops, it's like they've been resurrected!

My work is situated on a complex with loads of other shops called Castlepoint, situated just outside Bournemouth town centre and this easter we have been invaded! Slowly but surely dinosaurs have been appearing across the compex. From baby ones hidden in shop windows to massive ones that terrify me when I finish at night time! They have cut no corners in providing customers with an experience to remember.

So on Saturday we decided to go dino hunting and find all of them. Big and little all over the complex. Max was so thrilled. He's been dying to see them all up close since we saw them arrive on the back of a massive lorry (sorry kid for ruining it for you haha). Wrapped up in beware and danger tape these dinos are ginormous and getting too close is pretty creepy. Max had no fear however and gave them gentle pats whilst roaring as loud as he could.

Alongside the dinos there were the wonderful people over at Wild World Reptiles showing off some of their amazing collection. Not being one to shy away Max went straight up and stroked all of them; even this Tegu which I thought was pretty damn cute but creepy! He was also smitten with Bob the bearded dragon. Wild World Reptiles are more than just a shop though, they also host parties where the guests can learn about reptiles, handling, looking after them and of course getting to pet them!

This coming week the fun doesn't stop. There's crafts, the reptiles are returning and there is a surprise guest...A real life Velociraptor (well kinda!) So I'm definitely going to be heading back with Max for that.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Max's Easter Gift List

Easter is coming. And whilst we all love a bit of chocolate, we find that Max gets a bit overwhelmed with it and we would prefer to buy him a small gift instead. Whether that be a toy, clothing or a day out it's nicer than something that will just hype him up for the rest of the day!

  • Mini Rodini Toucan Leggings
  • Naked Lunge Make a Doll
  • Sonny Angel Doll
  • Rick The Pull Along Rabbit
  • Beau LOves Cat Tshirt
  • Squashblox