Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Imaginext Batman Super-Flight Gotham City

Imaginext is one of our favourite toy brands. They combine cult brands and classic toy themes with fantastic interactive toys. In the past we have delved into the world of Power Rangers and also their rescue city sets, so when we were given the opportunity to review the brand new Imaginext Batman Super-Flight Gotham City, we jumped at the chance to add something DC to our collection.

The first thing I noticed was that it was all put together already. I love that the Imaginext sets put the parents first and make it easy for those little hands to start playing as soon as possible by making them pre-made and easy to take out of the box. I did have to pop some batteries in this set, but the instructions meant that this was done in a matter of minutes.

This Batman playset features a Gotham City playset, a Joker and Batman figure and a flight playset that spins 360 degrees at the turn of a button. As with all Imaginext sets, the playset is open allowing kids access to all the areas without having to open fiddly doors or move things around. This is fantastic as it means there is constant play without having the little ones should for help! Max loves to play independently and loves to problem solve his way out of situations.

Each Imaginext set comes with power pads. These power pads can be anything from hinges on trapdoors to hidden disc shooters. One of the pads on the Super-Flight Gotham City set triggers the 360 degree flight tower. This tower is amazing! It spins around at different levels and speeds and can sneakily allow Batman to kick the Joker down the trapdoor.

This is one playset that has kept Max amused for hours. Now he's getting older it's hard to drag him away from the lure of technology, but the Imaginext brand is one that can guarantee to keep him playing long past his bedtime! The fantastic thing about the sets is that the possibilites are endless. Max loves to join this set up with his Power Rangers Megazord to create an unbeatable team of heroes. 

The set does take up a fair bit of room when it's in use, mainly because of the spin of the flight tower. But once it has been played with and ready to tidy away, it takes up no room at all and can be stored with the characters ready for the next adventure. At £49.99 for the set, I think it's a fantastic price for hours of fun. Imaginext is a brand that Max has been playing with for years already and I know he will still be playing with in years to come. 

Thank you Fisher Price for the opportunity to add this fantastic Batman set to our collection, we love the endless hours of play and can't wait for our next Batfuelled adventure!

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Our Summer Highlights

This summer was jam packed, we managed to cram in so much in 6 short weeks and it was over in a flash. We were invited by Ocean Finance to use this gorgeous Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 to record some of our most precious summer memories.

Our top moments were:

  • Heading to see Scooby Doo Live in London. Max absolutely loved seeing Scooby on the big stage and getting the opportunity to go on the Palladium stage. It was a fantastic show and was a real treat to head up to London on the train with my little man!
  • Spending time with our school friends at Moors Valley was wonderful. It was great to spend so much time in summer doing free things in our local area. The kids are such a tight group of friends and us mums love hanging out that it was perfect spending time together.
  • Going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour was a definite highlight. It was magical watching Max and his best friend wander around in amazement of everything on display. Us adults had an amazing time too, it's a must see for any Potter fans!
  • Days out geocaching and Pokemon Go hunting. It was the simple things where we loaded up our bags with picnic food and took advantage of the glorious weather. Despite the wasp stings and nettle marks, it was a perfect summer spending time with those that we loved!

Next year we are hoping that we can go away, it might not happen as money is fairly tight. But I'm hoping that we get the chance to spend time together as a family and enjoy the weather wherever that may be. I can't wait to record more memories with my family!

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Thomas & Friends TrackMaster and DVD Review

No matter what age you are, you are never to old for Thomas & Friends. There is something timeless about watching and playing with trains and we have become obsessed with the TrackMaster sets that Fisher Price release. Not only are they a classic toy train set, but with motorised actions, you know the fun never stops.

To celebrate the release of the Thomas & Friends The Great Race, we were sent a copy along with the new Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Railway Race Set. As with all TrackMaster sets, they are simple to put together, with lettered and numbered pieces and within 5 minutes we were ready to go. You do need batteries for the trains but they are simple to insert, and they last hours of fun. 

This TrackMaster set is nearly 6 foot long, so we set it up between two rooms in our flat. As the trains set off at the start of the course, they approach the bridge that then bursts open to allow them to continue their race. As they cross the finish line, there is a a celebration of fireworks and chequered flags before it's time to start again and continue the great race.

We absolutely love this set, it's been one that we've had hours playing with. We've also added some of our other sets to make a creation of our own which is fantastic as all the TrackMaster sets are interchangeable. I love that the TrackMaster sets can grow with your children and they are fantastic for all ages (even us grown ups love playing with the sets!).

The TrackMaster Railway Race Set was released to celebrate the release of the Thomas & Friends movie "The Great Race". It follows the best engines from around the world as they gather to compete in the great race. This was a fantastic full length feature and Max loved discovering all the new characters from around the world. I've attached the trailer below and the DVD is available at all good retailers. Thank you Thomas & Friends for letting us experience the Great Race!