Friday, 25 July 2014


Hello all, it’s Fridad. FriDad took a deviation last week with a few things popping up unexpectedly. So this week…get ready for it…DOUBLE FRIDAD!
Yes! That means half of you will be inundated with FriDad goodness, the latter a double torture. Oh well!

This post is 10 ways parenting is like Writing and 5 ways it REALLY ISN’T!. Be aware, I am referring to scriptwriting and my knowledge of writing, this isn’t an expert at the helm here.

1)      You get better at writing with practise: Writing is a long process that takes a lot of trial and error. Parenthood is a lot like this in which you learn on the job a lot what your child likes and dislikes. With time, you begin to be able to do it on autopilot and it baffles you when you look back and go…’what did I just do there?’

2)      A routine is valuable: Writers work best when they have a routine in place. A sense of structure so that they can work persistently to get the piece written. The same can be said of parenting. By setting routines for bed, dinner…heck a whole week. The operation goes smoothly with only minor mishaps.

3)      COFFEE IS NEEDED: This one needs no explanation. Surely.

4)      Writing groups is a great way to socialise: When in a writing group, you can pass your work into other’s hands, learn neat tips and tricks and just generally make friends doing something you love. With parenting, meeting and greeting others and reiterating the process, you can gain so much from doing so.

5)      Time away is important: Though you grind, focus and keep progressing as a writer, a mental break can recharge you and give you fresh eyes on your work. Vacations and nights out do exactly the same for mums and dads.

6)      Research can really help: As a writer, sometimes writing what you know just doesn’t work. By experiencing some things, learning about subjects and reading theories you grow a wealth of preparation for projects and the future. Baby books for pregnancy, parenting books and even things like One Born Every Minute are great starter points for mums and even unsure dads.

7)      Do it your way: Whatever happens, your project is your project. Criticisms are as you value them and you have to decide what is best for your work. As a parent, it’s your child and if you’re confident you know what’s best, you don’t need to hear someone testing you.

8)      Drinking is great, writing is great, but they DON’T MIX: The same applies with driving, reading, skiing, sewing and fracking.

9)      Work out how your project is going: It’s hard to know how to edit a script. It’s tough to kill your darling’s and directions in which your script can go don’t always leave you happiest. As a parent I know not every child, especially my own is ready for what you think they’re ready for. Remember, they have a conscience too and a personality. Let them express themselves as openly as possible…you’ll learn so much from them from doing so.

10)   It’s a passion and the more you put in, the greater it shows: You’re best work is always one you pour your heart into, the one you sneak away and plan for, the one you don’t stop talking about to people…now look at your child. That passion you throw in whether you spend all day at home, the mornings/ evenings you get as you swap jobs with your partner or occasionally at weekends shows when you show it to your children. You get out what you put in. Don’t stop doing it, they will be their very best if you do so.

AND NOW, the 5 NOTS!

1)      Your first is always your worst: Not true as a parent. I’m the first child and I’m the best child…right mum?...mum?

2)      Writing is rewriting: Parenting is NOT reparenting, stop trying to reimagine your children!

3)      Plagiarism is criminal: Now, if a parent uses another parents technique or fashion sense or ideas…who cares? No parent has bothered patent pending anything they do. If you share it openly, it should be flattering someone wants to do it too. Copying and borrowing is fine, claiming it is sad and if you see it…who cares? Go watch the amazing things your kids can do and forget why it even bothered you.

4)       The coffee shop is a great place to write: Go ahead, take your child to a coffee shop. Let everyone see how great shared parenting is in that tiny cafĂ©. The acoustics in there are phenomenal I bet.

5)      Drink, drink and more drink! We writers love to drink!: Yes I know writers love to drink, parents do as well, but…come on…we’ve covered this.

Well there we have it…the art of scriptwriting procrastination achieved again. Hey, I still like this gig so it’s fine.
Right well get ready for part 2 coming up on this double header.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Summer Bucket List

This summer we are putting a list of 15 things that we want to do together as a family. Our time as a trio is limited and precious so we would love to have a list to check off. Some are small things and some are a bit tricky, but we will at least attempt them all!

  1. Build a massive sand castle
  2. Go to Moors Valley with a friend
  3. Have a sleepover in the living room
  4. Have a family party
  5. Go swimming
  6. Explore somewhere new
  7. Book a holiday
  8. Make some summer themed crafts
  9. Make home made ice lollies
  10. Have a date night (sorry Max, this doesn't include you!)
  11. Go on a walk each day.
  12. Try a new food
  13. Make a tent
  14. Go camping
  15. Create some amazing smoothie recipes

So that's our 15, what are yours?

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Our top 5 TV shows on Netflix

We are self confessed TV series junkies. We will happily shut the world off each evening and sit for hours catching up on our favourite shows. And since discovering Netflix we have found some amazing treats we would never have thought of watching! Here are our top 5 (in no particular order!) 

Arrested Development
There is something spectacular about a show that has continuous one liners, pop culture references that are still being mentioned today and a young Michael Cera.
We got told to watch Arrested Development by some uni friends and let's just say it doesn't disappoint. I love the fact that Netflix commissioned a series about our favourite Bluth family to help the withdrawal symptoms.
If you love comedy then this is great, the episodes are short so you manage to fly through them pretty easily and you won't help but shout "No Touching!!!" at anyone in the street.

Breaking Bad
If you haven't heard of this show then you are living under a rock. One of the best written series in a ridiculously long time. Even Scott was left gob smacked at the end and he's a scripty! This tells the story of Walter White, Jesse Pinkman and a hell of a lot of drugs. I don't want to spoil it if you are one of the strange people that haven't watched it but OH MY GOD get on it! This is great if you love anything gritty, don't mind a bit of blood and love to see the dad from Malcolm In The Middle do something other than prance around.  

If I had to pinpoint a series that I was in love with long after I finished watching it then this would probably be it. Chuck tells the tale of a nice, normal guy who ends up with all the government secrets in his head. Sound fun? Well it's also a spy series with some romance, geek talk and Captain Awesome. This series wrapped up at the end of season 5 like all good series do and there are talks of making a movie. I mean who wouldn't want to see Zachary Levi in a suit again!

The League
The League is a hilarious series based around middle age men and women and a fantasy football league. Don't like American Football? Give it a go! Imagine The Office but about fighting each other to win the Shiva Cup. Its got a cast full of stand up comedians that will have you laughing at parental mishaps, relationship problems and Taco (you need to watch it to understand the hilarity of Taco). It runs for the length of the season of NFL and contains loads of references and guest spots from players themselves which is awesome.  

Orange Is The New Black
I loved Weeds so knew that I would love this instantly. It tells the story of Piper, a woman who is engaged, has a great job and great friends who suddenly ends up in prison for something that happened years ago. Obviously being somewhere you are unsure of isn't the best but being in prison is something else. The colourful cast of personalities in the show is amazing. Crazy eyes is definitely my favourite, closely followed by Nicky. But this is one of those shows where the back stories of each character are almost more meaningful than the current time. Learning about how these women ended up in the same place is so insightful and the cast only enhance that. 

So those are my top 5, what are yours?