Monday, 2 May 2016

#GiveItSomeArts, We Need You!

We are a creative family, we don't hold back from singing in the streets, acting out Star Wars battles in the park and dancing in the supermarket when a song we loves comes on. That's why we have come up with #GiveItSomeArts.

#GiveItSomeArts is all about celebrating families embracing the arts. We want there to be children, parents and grandparents boogieing to buskers, performing Shakespeare in the supermarket and singing in the streets.

We want to see these all amazing creative geniuses on Instagram and Twitter. We want to see how far and wide this can go. Can you dare your friends to do Gangnam Style in the high street, or get your grandparents to teach the kids the Funky Chicken? We will be sharing our favourites and our own personal moments of spontaneous creativity. Just use the #GiveItSomeArts hashtag for us to see your masterpiece!

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Papergang Subscription Box

 I am a stationary addict. I work in a shop where I spend most of my evenings creating stationary displays. I buy far too many notebooks because they are pretty. So when Papergang came up on my radar I had to get involved! 

Papergang is a monthly stationary subscription box by the gang over at Ohh Dear. Ohh Dear are an amazing company that focus on quirky illustrated gifts. There is literally something for everyone on there and I'm constantly browsing for gift ideas. Ohh Dear collaborate with fantastic artists to make exclusive products that are wonderful and different.

The box itself retails at £9.95 which is a fantastic price for some exclusive stationary bits and pieces. The box arrived promptly and was packaged in a brightly coloured slip case. The outer packaging has an awesome origami animal to make (that I've not attempted yet!).

Inside, the box was beautifully packaged and branded and the contents made me squeal with excitement! There was a gorgeous little patch that I'm sewing onto Max's denim jacket as he adores it. Two brilliant greetings cards, one by the wonderful Gemma Correll that already has the perfect recipient and a great raccoon one by Jamie Mitchell which is already framed on our wall. I love the two prints that came in the box and the pineapple one is already above my desk. My favourite thing has to be the note pad. I'm constantly using notepads and this one is gorgeous and makes me smile whenever I use it!

I absolutely loved this month's box and I can't wait for next months! It's a little bit of happy each month.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

After School Treat With Newton's Appl Fizzics

Max, like all kids loves sweet treats. I'm always reluctant to cave in and when I do it tends to only be something like a small sweet or some lemonade. I'm always on the lookout for alternatives for those perfect after school treats, and I think I've found one!

Newton's Appl Fizzics are a refreshing, lightly fizzy apple drink. Made with just apple juice and sparkling water, this drink packs less than 40% sugar than juice on it's own and doesn't have a trace of any nasty preservatives and artificial ingredients.

I'm a fan of anything that's low in sugar but high in flavour, knowing that Max can have a treat and not be filling himself with nasties is fantastic. Max absolutely loved these drinks and told me they were better than the other fizzy apple drinks he had tried! We filled up glasses with ice and poured over the drinks, Max felt really grown up with it being in a bottle.

I loved how refreshing they tasted and it reminded me of a light apple cider. I'm not a heavy drinker and prefer soft drinks so will definitely buy these for myself as a non alcoholic alternative (if Max doesn't drink them first).

 Newton's Appl Fizzics are just launching and at present are only available on Amazon. They are the perfect spring/summer drink and we're definitely stocking up before bbq season hits! Thanks Newton's for sending us some fantastic treats.